The facts show that the average cost of IT systems downtime is close to $5,600 per minute according to the Uptime Institute Symposium.
Start focusing on what makes sense. Leave expensive and costly infrastructure hosting and maintenance to us. Server Cloud Canada's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows organizations to migrate and host their existing data platforms privately, within Canada. Server Cloud Canada owns and operates one of Canada's largest distributed cloud based infrastructures, offering clients of all sizes and complexities a means of transitioning on premise equipment and platforms to a fully redundant secured national cloud based hosted environment. Our team of professional engineers are trained and experienced in information technology, data evolution, and infrastructure optimization.
This video demonstrates the process of creating  a new Virtual Machine (VM) within your private Server Cloud Canada Environment.
In a world of corporate espionage, patented genetics, and non-disclosure agreements, the ongoing trend of openness in the computing industry comes as a breath of fresh air.Open source software, freely available to everyone, forms the backbone of the Internet; your phone, whether it’s iOS or Android, runs on a largely open source operating system; and, over the last five years, the world of cloud computing has become overwhelmingly open as well.
If you are a Software provider, you know that your underlying infrastructure will play a material role in your end user experience and differentiate your platform from that of your competitors.  Let’s face it, competition isn’t as traditional as it once was, virtual environments continue to change the landscape, offering efficiencies in both a capital and operational expenditures.  In a world of doing more with less, software as a service (SaaS) providers will be an industry tipping point.