Cloud Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

SCC is here to assist organizations large and small
with the many challenges presented by today’s
fast-paced business world.

Small Business

Small businesses are following suit with advances in technology by utilizing Server Cloud Canada’s secure, private, scalable and flexible cloud environment.

As a company grows, so do their IT needs and demands. No matter what your company specializes in, virtualization can enhance operations. Access the same high-end security and technology afforded to larger enterprises without paying exorbitantly. Integrating a secure cloud-based infrastructure (accompanied by a team of security experts) delivers lower upfront costs and decreased hardware requirements.

SCC’s cloud computing is built for entrepreneurial success with many features that increase productivity. These, along with a private and secure disaster recovery plan, give small businesses the tools they need to stay secure, on budget, and attain optimal efficiency.

Small & medium size business

“Server Cloud has been a ‘life saver’ for our business. As a growing firm we needed to find a solution on accessing client data from a number of locations with a number of staff members. Server Cloud has allowed us to not only expand our office locations but also include new employees.”

-M. Losee & Associates

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    Medium-Size Business

    Medium-size businesses can tap into the core benefits of secure cloud computing with the help of Server Cloud Canada’s knowledgeable team.

    Businesses can focus on growth and innovation while experts handle IT concerns. Medium-size businesses are the most common targets of malware and other dangerous web attacks. With SCC’s trusted security, you can have peace of mind that your company will not be among the statistics.

    Cloud technology is continuously propelling businesses forward and bringing new capabilities to smaller enterprises. The cloud empowers employees by enabling remote working and increased collaboration while maintaining a secure, scalable and flexible system.


    “We have tried many of the big name data centre and cloud hosting providers, but none have been easier to work with and as passionate as Server Cloud Canada. Their staff is highly skilled, and always willing to help when needed.”

    -Cruickshank Group

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      Large Enterprise Business

      Top-tier IT providers leverage Server Cloud Canada’s enterprise level infrastructure to provide their clients with unmatched services. The cloud brings large enterprises increased productivity and intensely fast and secure data processing.

      If data is your business’s lifeblood, let SCC deliver the tools you need to utilize big data to its full potential. Experience ample uptime, a significantly heightened level of security and the innovation that comes from a more collaborative workspace. Employees can work from home, on the train or from across the country without missing a beat. This sense of freedom and flexibility is just one major component in the transformative cloud environment.

      Cloud based services, including a reliable disaster recovery plan, are offered in a flexible, scalable, and secure environment.

      “By moving to the cloud, we we’re able to lower our I.T capital expenditure significantly and rectify many of the previously unknown and hidden costs that came with maintaining our own infrastructure across three countries.”


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      One of our cloud specialists would be pleased to help.