Cyber crime operations are now among the multi-million dollar businesses thriving in 2019. Crooks are able to blitz IT infrastructure and pilfer precious pieces of data with ease. Attacks are becoming extremely sophisticated and discreet. At times, they are only detectable once the damage has been done. 

Choosing A Secure Cloud ProviderThe new wave of cyber crime is sending organizations into a panic. How do vulnerable industries such as healthcare and financial services prevent confidential client information from being sold on the dark web? 

Incessantly upgrading security solutions is one idea. However, this can be an exhaustive and expensive process. It may help to thwart the latest threats, but it is not unlike a hamster-wheel.  Many CIOs want to stop running in circles and start making real, affordable improvements to company security. Now more than ever, businesses are turning to secure service providers for results. 

Reputable cloud providers are imperative to high-risk industries that require enhanced security features to protect their clients. These organizations need professionals who can navigate complex, unknown threats and adapt to constant changes. 

Selecting a capable, consistent and reliable provider is an important decision. Here are the five key characteristics to look for that will help narrow your search. 

Data Encryption:

A basic prerequisite for all service providers is their level of commitment to data encryption. Encryption is the practice of converting data from plaintext to ciphertext. It essentially takes information in its original, fully readable form and encodes it. This helps to protect sensitive data from prying eyes. 

It should be mandatory that a service provider works to protect your data when it is in use, in transit and at rest. No matter where the information is travelling to, it should never be at significant risk of compromise. 

Redundant Infrastructure:

If you tell a provider that they are ‘being redundant’, you have given them a compliment! 

Redundancy is paramount for IT architecture. When infrastructure is redundant, it means that it employs several channels of connection to switch between in the instance of a failure. This ensures that all personal information (such as financial details and email messages) is kept safe. It helps guarantee prompt data recovery with zero loss, compromise or corruption. A provider must be able to prove that they have fully redundant infrastructure. 

Fine-grained access controls:

Granular access control is an effective option that service providers use to reduce unwarranted disclosure of private data. 

A secure provider will proactively outline and apply the rules that dictate who can access what information. Certain users within your organization can be permitted to view data that is otherwise restricted. These authorizations can be highly filtered based on specific times, dates and locations. Whatever unique requirements your business has, a provider can find a solution that keeps client information in safe hands. 

Threat intelligence and management: 

A provider should be consistently available, offering a 24/7 analysis of your network. 

A meticulous scan of activity can easily help to detect security issues. A good provider will go beyond detection to solve the problem and make changes to help prevent a reoccurrence. Ideally, you want to choose a team that is well-versed in standard and little-known threats. 


Great providers are consistently exploring the latest dangers facing the modern tech landscape. Great providers work together to deliver exceptional service and renowned security to their customers. They make their customers feel safe, respected and informed. 

When looking for a provider, you are seeking a team that is like an extension of your own staff. You are looking for experts that will collaborate with your business to build a secure and profitable future. 

The cost of choosing a substandard provider is high, as the entirety of your business could be left unsecure. This list should help you to look beyond the price point and settle on a company that is experienced and will benefit your business – not put it in jeopardy. 

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