Solutions for Every Industry

Each industry faces unique challenges when choosing the cloud. SCC provides a complete range of solutions for a broad spectrum of businesses.


The demand for electronic information exchange from one healthcare professional to another is growing. Healthcare organizations need a secure way to connect to the cloud and exchange data while safeguarding the security and confidentiality of patient and hospital data. The efficacy of these exchanges can make a world of difference. It can contribute to improved diagnosis and the fast development of an accurate treatment plan. It may even save a life.

Server Cloud Canada’s private, 100% Canadian cloud solution allows healthcare providers to stay compliant with all federal and provincial privacy regulations while improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

health care

“We have been serviced by Server Cloud Canada for many years, and they always think from the customers’s side. They have different teams to deal with different problems or requests so you always know who you want to talk to.”

-Trinity Health Technologies


Educational institutions and organizations leverage Server Cloud Canada’s secure infrastructure capabilities and expertise to respond to the increased demands from both students and faculty, at the same time coping with declining budgets and staff.

SCC’s private and secure cloud solutions have become an increasingly attractive option for delivering educational services. As cloud computing is finding its place within the classroom, schools are learning the benefits of adopting a cloud-based infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and economic. Large institutions can enjoy customized organization and scalable storage that manages everything from student records to multi-media presentations.

A safe, secure, orderly and capable learning environment can easily be achieved with SCC’s cloud solutions.


Accounting & Financial

Financial service providers and accounting firms are responsible for large amounts of sensitive financial data. Personal tax and monetary information is incredibly valuable to those with malicious intent and a breach of these details in something no firm wants to risk.

These organizations keep their clients confident with Server Cloud Canada’s enhanced security. At the same time, accounting firms must be ready for great influxes in their storage needs during tax time. This need declines as the year progresses, making scalability a strong requirement.

SCC offers a flexible, secure solution to accommodate growth, which is affordable and logical for these firms.

Acounting & financial

“I was concerned at first in dealing with a Cloud Solutions company but the staff a Server Cloud has made the transition painless, and extremely easy. It is great to partner with a company that focuses on service and commitment to their customers as a top priority.”

-M.Losee & Associates


Insurance companies are seeing a need to optimize their processes through direct and indirect channels in order to remain competitive. Server Cloud Canada allows these firms to unify data, applications and expertise to deliver secure personalized service to their customers.

The cloud can support all policy administration, claims and billing systems. Cloud storage is ideal for cost-effectively handling usage spikes. This provides insurance firms with unbridled secure computing power when they need it most, and the ability to reduce it in accordance with demand.

SCC’s trusted 100% Canadian solutions ensure that security & compliancy is supplied equally with efficiency for a harmonious and leading edge alignment.



Public sector organizations and agencies from the federal, provincial, and municipal level use Server Cloud Canada’s 9 fully redundant datacentres to stay within the guidelines of Canada’s IT and cloud strategies.

These agencies are strictly committed to protecting vulnerable information and delivering a proficient service to Canadians. Cloud solutions are a pathway to IT advancement and infrastructure revitalization. The strict policies and guidelines set for keeping sensitive data in Canada are undoubtedly met by using SCC’s secure, 100% Canadian infrastructure.

Organizations can have confidence that the information in their care is continuously safeguarded.

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