Ransomware has become the top cyber security concern of organizations. Are you up to speed on what ransomware entails and how to protect your organization from these malicious attacks?


Is Backup Enough?

A backup without a recovery plan is about as useful as a computer without a monitor, the data is there, but can you actually use it?

Can you recover from a disaster and restore operations in 60 minutes or less?

Every business needs to know how much time they are willing to give up if a disaster strikes. Consider the following:

  • Are you solely relying on a backup file, image, or tape?
  • If you are, where is the backup physically located?
  • Where will you restore to if your current infrastructure is destroyed?
  • Who is the main point of contact in the case of a disaster, and are they fully equipped and trained?

Is your DR/BC plan lacking due to cost or lack of expertise?

IT budgets in today’s world are under intense scrutiny, and IT managers are being asked to do more with less. It is important to calculate the difference between the cost of protecting your assets vs. the cost of losing your assets whether it be for an hour, a day or a week.

cost of downtime

The Risks Of Doing Business

IT increasingly plays a mission critical role in all types of business. To many, these systems run silently in the background, providing employees the tools and information necessary to do their

Job. But at any time, disaster can strike: Ransomware, cyber-attacks, theft, fire, flood, natural disaster, power-outages, hardware failure, and human error. Have you assessed the impact of such an event on your business?

  • Which systems are most important?
  • Which systems are most vulnerable?
  • What are your recovery time objectives (RTO)?
  • What are your recovery point objectives (RPO)?
  • How much money are you prepared to lose in the event of a disaster?


Learn more about the SCCVault can help your business look more attractive from an insurance perspective.

Server Cloud Canada offers scalable and flexible solutions that are fully Canadian owned and operated. You can rely on these plans to protect your enterprise data in Canada’s robust privacy legislation.

Key Features:scc vault ransomware protection

Off-site Private Cloud Backup: Store your backup data in your own private cloud.

Off-site Private Cloud Restore: Instantly restore your backups in your own private cloud minimizing downtime.

Secure & Reliable: Transfer & Save your backups using AES 256bit encryption.

100% Canadian: 100% Owned, operated, hosted on Canadian soil providing protection under all Canadian privacy legislation.

Single pane of glass: Schedule, manage, restore your backups from one centralized management console.

Solution Based Flexibility: Build your solution around your budget and requirements. Expand as you grow.

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