Site-local redundancy isn’t enough for mission critical infrastructure or applications.

It seems that maybe even more today, the threat of regional power outages, fiber network disruption, or natural disasters grows greater. Savvy enterprise and ‘cloud-builders’ therefore attempt to ensure minimal downtime by spreading their applications data across multiple ‘geo-diverse’ locations.

There are a many architectural choices that can be used to achieve this geo-diversity. These solutions will often be selected in terms of costs, RTO, RPO, and available bandwidth transfer speeds as outlined in our previous article ‘The Evolution of Disaster Recovery Planning’.

For those that operate a single infrastructure cloud environment, Server Cloud Canada would represent a distributed extension.

Benefits of geodiversity on the SCC platform

Minimize Downtime

Utilize customized DR and Backup architectures:

  • Set stringent RTO and RPO and meet them.
  • Cloud to cloud application fail-over (Hot/Hot),
  • SAN Replication,
  • database replication,
  • file storage,
  •  or, cold DR fail-over

Data Link Layer 2 Connectivity

Deploy a uniformed LAN across multiple sites:

  • Transparent vlans from your service providers network to ours.
  • Fiber, EoC, DSL, or wireless.
  • Access your secondary resource sites without accessing the internet.

Extend your network reach

Increase throughput and up-time:

  • Network high available – no single point of failure.
  • Integrate seamlessly via NNIs.
  • Layer 2 connectivity.
  • Multiple POPs coast-to-coast.

Keep it all local

All infrastructure in 100% Canadian based:

  • Multiple Canadian based data centers.
  • National diverse 10GB network.


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