We would like to wish you all the best of the holiday season and a successful progression into the New Year.

It has truly been an exciting year for us here at Server Cloud Canada, growing and working hard to ensure that we continually exceed the experience of our valued customers and valued partners. Looking forward to another year of growth and continued commitment to all of you.

Looking forward to our collective growth in 2015!

Growth and momentum has been quite exciting for our partner community this year. Traits that are showing no signs of slowing down for 2015, in fact, we are anticipating (and have already experienced) an upward trend in keeping Canada’s data truly local and distributed!

A few contributing drivers.

  • The successful penetration of enhanced voice services over IP platforms (VOIP – SIP/Hosted PBX) have provided organizations of all sized the experience and acceptance of cloud based infrastructure.
  • What they call “Big Data”, an explosion of data intensive applications that require sizeable secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure for processing/storage.
  • A greater understanding of the costs associated with housing server environments locally or in remote data centres.
  • Legislation and privacy policies
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning, ensuring that data can be access or recovered from anywhere using any secured means. Understanding that a distributed cloud based strategy could mitigate disruptions due to physical and medical disturbances.


From all of us here to you and your families,

best wishes and safe adventures!


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