We at Server Cloud Canada are very happy to announce our extended partnership with Veeam.  A relationship built on success and synergies with our 100% geographically diverse Canadian cloud based infrastructure.

With Veeam’s ‘Cloud Connect’ recovery platform, you will never have to worry about your offsite data repositories again!

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect, part of the new Veeam Availability Suite v8, gives Veeam partners a fully integrated, secure and efficient means to move VM backups to a cloud repository managed service providers within the Server Cloud Canada cloud infrastructure; which enables a scalable environment that allows them to grow and avoid upfront capital investments in their own offsite infrastructure for greater margin realization.

Veeam Cloud Connect
Through Veeam Cloud Connect, Server Cloud Canada partners get a simple, powerful platform to deliver fast and secure VM backups to the Server Cloud Canada 100% Canadian Cloud based infrastructure.

What Does the Extended Partnership Mean for Server Cloud Canada’s Partners and Customers?

Diversity and redundancy for those organizations currently running Veeam backups in house  by easily extending backups to an offsite distributed locations within Canada

  • Revenue generation for SCC Partners looking to offer Veeam cloud backups as a simplified managed product to their customers. Ease and expedience in deployment and fulfillment.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity for organizations looking for high availability and ubiquitous access to their data in the event of disruption.

New ‘Cloud Connect’ vs Traditional Data Repositories

What makes cloud connect different than traditional Veeam data repositories?

  • Simplified VPN-less connections to the cloud
  • New individual user management , user quotas, and reporting
  • Automated load balancing between cloud gateways
  • RESTful API
  • End-to-end encryption
  • True Scalability
  • 1 click client setup

 Why Choose Server Cloud Canada?

As one of the largest Canadian cloud based infrastructures, Server Cloud Canada (SCC) is a leader in the enterprise and service provider virtual datacentre environment.  Specializing in standard and custom based solutions that help companies of all sizes effectively and efficiently transition to a private cloud-based infrastructure.

We’re one of the biggest geographically redundant deployments of HP Matrix infrastructure in the country, and we’re 100% owned and operated within Canada.

  • Multiple geographically distributed and redundant infrastructure deployments within Canada – 100% Canadian owned centralized data center
  • National (coast-to-coast) diverse 10 Gbps private network
  • High performance repositories with multiple storage tiers
  • Monthly pricing
  • Firewall and bandwidth included
  • Self-service portal for ease of partner access, provisioning and management
  • Additional cloud services available for full environment service integration.
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