Cloud is the infrastructural paradigm shift that is sweeping across the IT world. Cloud computing has been described as arguably the third revolution of IT, following the personal computer and internet revolutions. Cloud computing is no doubt a a business game changer and will define IT in the second decade of the 21st Century.

The personal computer revolution changed the monopoly of corporate computer ownership to empowering the individual, empowering personal work efficiency and empowering companies large and small productivity efficiencies.

Internet revolution joined billions of information islands to a huge information network, making it convenient to publish/collect/index/sharing information, vastly improve communications/sharing/collaboration efficiency, and enriching people’s daily lives.

Cloud Computing will be the catalyst for the long predicted notion of “ubiquitous computing”, enabling this revolution through a number of means:

  • Virtualization
  • The ability to increase computing efficiency.
  • Democratization of Computing
  • Enterprise scale infrastructure to small & medium businesses.
  • Scalability and Fast Provisioning
  • Bringing web scale IT at a rapid pace.
  • Commoditization of infrastructure
  • Enabling IT to focus on the strategic aspects of its role.
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