Is Your Company Ready For A Disaster?

Today, more than ever, disaster recovery (DR) – also called ‘business continuity planning’ – is a vital layer of protection for many organizations. However, a surprisingly large number of organizations do not have the proper plan in place to protect important IT infrastructure, applications or software.

In the past, the most common reasons cited by businesses for not protecting important data with disaster recovery services are because of cost, complexity and unreliability—making it unsuitable for all but the most mission-critical, enterprise applications. However, with emergence of strong proven cloud environments, this is no longer the case.

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From Our Cloud to Yours; Building Geo-redundancy Into Your Existing Cloud Infrastructure or Application.

Site-local redundancy isn’t enough for mission critical infrastructure or applications.

It seems that maybe even more today, the threat of regional power outages, fiber network disruption, or natural disasters grows greater. Savvy enterprise and ‘cloud-builders’ therefore attempt to ensure minimal downtime by spreading their applications data across multiple ‘geo-diverse’ locations.

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