The complexity of cloud hosted infrastructure can make migration and configuration quite overwhelming, which, as will be pointed out, highlights the importance of unifying your cloud solution. Focus has to be balanced between network reliability, backup, scale, security, functionality, privacy compliance and more. For any I.T. team these tasks can be demanding, requiring a large amount of resources, and typically even third-party assistance. In some cases, failing to account for certain intricacies can lead to lower-quality end results. Therefore, taking advantage of support from experienced professionals is crucial to streamline cloud migration and management.

When businesses seek to employ a cloud provider, communication is often overlooked. It is important for the selected provider to offer comprehensive support with any inquiry. Support, in this sense, refers to actively acknowledging, understanding, internalizing, and providing an answer to a question, or providing a solution to a problem. Regardless of the nature of the question, or origin of the problem, it is unsatisfactory for the cloud “support” team to simply redirect you to another company because the inquiry, to their discretion, falls outside of their concern. This is a common issue among many cloud providers, and it indicates their support isn’t so “comprehensive” after all.

For cloud hosted infrastructure it is necessary that many components are managed cohesively. Internet, software, network and SIP (for optional VoIP) providers along with device manufacturers all contribute a unique piece to the puzzle, and missing any would render the entire system unusable. The problem here is that each component is usually provided by a separate company each with their own designated support team. Issues with the cloud are often simultaneously associated with multiple components. Therefore, due to the segregated support teams between the various companies, it is difficult to maintain the collaborative communication required to diagnose and solve problems in a timely manner.

From the perspective of a business executive, turning to the designated “cloud solution provider” only to be turned away because you are told this problem doesn’t concern them isn’t the solution you were promised. Narrowing the problem down yourself, even with an internal I.T. team, means individually contacting each company providing the various cloud components. Then, once the problem is identified, keeping each company in the loop moving forward is also a constant time sink no matter how organized your team may be.

This conglomerated design of cloud hosted infrastructure is flawed. Unnecessary time and money is wasted trying to troubleshoot even minor technical issues. The blame is often thrown around and rarely providers are willing to admit their faults. The unorganized support system associated with this design can often leave businesses stranded in a heap of call queues and unanswered questions.

To combat this, Server Cloud Canada leverages its partnerships to provide unique support which acts as a one-stop-shop for any inquiry. This means we are your single point of contact for all maintenance needs and questions. Our expertise regarding each component of cloud hosted infrastructure enables us to consolidate our support to effectively diagnose and solve technical issues while maintaining clear communication with our customers. Considering this ensures high quality, timely, repair, not only does this help maintain the reputation of your business, but it provides cost savings as well. In times where things go wrong, along with our extensive disaster recovery strategies, our support team can be utilized to circumvent technical issues. Our team is primarily concerned with understanding the severity, and prioritizing the solution, of said issues. All in all, Server Cloud Canada realizes the importance of unifying your cloud solution, and you should too.

Unifying Your Cloud Solution

Server Cloud Canada offers Canadian based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) while working collaboratively with our partners Cloud Metric and Telecom Metric to augment our offerings. We are able to provide managed services through Cloud Metric and secure VoIP solutions through Telecom Metric, with the same degree of quality, all unified through Server Cloud Canada. It is the integration of these augmented services into a simplified package which enables businesses to maintain a competitive edge through advanced, and truly comprehensive, technical support.

In fact, through unifying your cloud solution by choosing Server Cloud Canada, you gain access to an in-house, multi-tiered, professional support team available 24/7. Our specialists are experienced with topics such as data security, management, privacy compliance and more in a variety of industries such as healthcare, education, finance, and law. If you’re interested in discovering how your business can thrive from this type of unified cloud solution, reach out to us! We are always willing to have a quick, or in-depth, chat about how this is applicable to your business in particular.

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