OscarService Inc. is pleased to announce our new partnership with Server Cloud Canada, one of Canada’s largest geo-redundant cloud infrastructure platforms.

“As a large provider of EMR systems we expectedly work with substantial amounts of confidential medical data that needs to stay in Canada, so obviously security is a top concern for us. The SCC team was able to demonstrate their commitment to security at each and every layer. Our engineering team had stringent requirements that they diligently pursued and assessed when confirming the infrastructure for operational readiness. We at OscarService are excited and looking forward to growing with our new partner.”

Server Cloud Canada is one of the largest cloud infrastructure platforms in Canada, with a distributed infrastructure that is interconnected nationally (from Vancouver to St. Johns Nfld) by a private high availability redundant fibre network. OscarService joins a growing list of companies choosing to partner with SCC for their cloud based infrastructure needs.

“We’re very excited to grow with Server Cloud Canada. Our customers are no longer asking ‘should we go cloud’ but ‘who has the best cloud for us’. We are confident Server Cloud Canada is the best option.”

OSCARService Inc is a team dedicated to assisting doctors in the effective use and integration of Open Source medical software with medical devices and healthcare related software and platforms. Economically improve patient care through the effective streamlining of medical records, and medical office communication and management.

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