What Happens In The Cloud, Should Stay In The Cloud!

The recent cloud controversy is yet another hard example of the importance and reality of security and privacy issues associated with cloud computing. The larger public commodity clouds have been built around the models of over-subscription and resource sharing – all in the name of immediate introduction and uptake. Usually one gets what they pay for, what have we really given up for the low cost (at times free) services?

In the business world, where data security and privacy literally translate into loss of jobs and loss of profits, companies are now looking to mandate and validate the integrity of their data and cloud strategies.   A definitive means of exploring the merits of going with the proliferation of large wide scale public cloud based infrastructures to those of the niche private based environments.

A topic that could spark great debate and insight into the formation of what will be our future cross roads no doubt. Saying that, there are some benchmark key thoughts that are worth contemplating.

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Orchestrating Your Cloud With SCC and vCloud Director 5.5

What is vCloud Director?

VMware vCloud Director is a software solution for service providers that enables secure cloud environments by pooling infrastructure resources into virtual data centers and exposing them to users through web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as fully automated, catalog-based services.

A Dedicated Machine vs. A Dedicated Resource Pool

‘VMware vCloud Director’ gives administrators the ability to control all aspects of their cloud environment from one single pane of glass. The act of accessing and configuring dedicated (not shared) resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) via an orchestrator with this level of control is known as ‘dedicated resource pooling’.

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