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Server Cloud Canada can help your organization
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a number of business needs.

Virtual Datacentre Infrastructure with Built-In Security

Why pay for power, air conditioning and floor space?

Enterprise virtual datacentre infrastructure is a scalable, secure, high performance, solution that partitions enterprise grade hardware into a virtual infrastructure. Each dedicated virtual datacentre infrastructure includes a reserved and protected amount of processing and memory resources. Allowing for ease of ubiquitous access using a self-managing portal that will enable both capital and operational costs.

Save time and money

Eliminate the usual costs and resource requirements associated with traditional physical datacentre deployments. Imagine changing capital expenditures to operational expenditures.

Improve your IT performance.

  • 80% reduction in network switch, card and cable costs.
  • 60% reduction in power requirements.
  • 98% reduction in the time required to manage hardware.

Why choose the SCC Enterprise Virtual Datacentre Infrastructure solution?

SCC offers the largest deployment of the HP Matrix gear in Canada, and SCC customers can create and manage their environments remotely.

100% Canadian

Stay compliant with all Federal & Provincial privacy laws in a 100% owned and operated Canadian environment.

Best-in-class Security

Strict policy enforcement, strong access control, privacy protection, DDoS protection, encryption, cyber security monitoring, and WAF.

Flexibility & Scalability

Easily upscale or downscale your IT requirements with elastic resource scaling and usage-based pricing.

Support Matters

How can we help? Whether you are getting started or already deploying business-critical workloads SCC has you covered.

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    Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Server Cloud Canada provides completely customizable complete turn-key IT backup & disaster recovery solutions for any system setup. Protect, and restore data, servers, or entire data centers from suffering a natural or man-made disaster.

    Protect all your mission-critical systems in one spot

    Designed specifically for business environments, SCC provides fast, flexible backup & disaster recovery for all systems in your environment, regardless of their complexity.

    • Complete backup solutions support any system type: virtual machines, physical servers, applications, workstations, mobile devices, and more
    • Smart backup features reduce network consumption and storage cost.
    • Unified backup and recovery solutions for multi-system environments including:
      Windows Server, PC, Linux, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, VMWare, Citrix XenServer, RHEV/KVM, Oracle VM, SharePoint, Active Directory, and more…

    Restore your system in minutes

    Convenient ability to instantly restore backups to any machine, regardless of platform. Now you can restore files, configurations, applications, or an entire system to the same hardware, to different hardware, or to your own private cloud.

    • Restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware with a few simple clicks.
    • Get up and running on a new machine in minutes, without compatibility issues.
    • Migrate systems between physical and virtual platforms quickly and easily.
    • Eliminate time spent on system re-installations and application setups.

    Secure & Reliable

    Securely transfer and save your data using industry standard AES 256bit encryption to our state of the art data centres.

    Single Pane of Glass

    Schedule, manage, and restore your backups all from one easy to use centralized management console.

    Automated Reports

    Create custom, automated reports. Set up a schedule to send and receive them in multiple formats.

    Protection Against


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      Cloud Based Application Hosting

      Owning and operating the infrastructure on which applications are hosted can be expensive and complex. Server Cloud Canada’s secure infrastructure makes it easy to consume Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that are hosted online. Lower your costs by paying only for what you use. Enjoy seamless and painless upgrades in functionality and integrate easily with existing data and systems.

      Server Cloud Canada Infrastructure allows you to manage your SaaS environments from the network layer to applications performance.

      For Developers:

      • Focus on development instead of infrastructure maintenance.
      • On-demand scalability allows you to pay for usage, not the maximum capacity needed.
      • Test the use of new languages, operating systems, databases, and other development technologies quickly.

      For Consumers:

      • Collaborate with anywhere / anytime access to applications that drive your business.
      • Keep the data collected by your applications compliant with all Canadian privacy laws.
      • As the cloud matures, there are more and more applications that are not available in an on-site environment.

      Keep Your Focus

      Leave expensive and costly infrastructure hosting and maintenance to us.

      Expert Support

      Our 24/7 support team is always a call or message away ready to assist.

      Keep It Local

      Ensure all data collected and distributed from your cloud based app stays in Canada.

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        Private WAN Inter-Connectivity

        Consolidation data, voice and video onto a single bandwidth pipe allowing organizations to connect multiple sites together as one optimized and secure network. This allows for private and secure transfer of data between sites and/or service providers.

        Save time and money!

        Save on existing, multiple infrastructure costs. A single point of contact will reduce operational resources, because you won’t have to deal with separate companies. No more having to deal with big carriers, poor customer service, lengthy lead times and lack of product depth for customization. SCC is the underlying infrastructure service provider, and we ensure that the last mile of interconnectivity is optimized for our service offering. We’ll provide you with access to your private network via fibre, cable, and/or wireless, from almost anywhere.

        One point of support, billing and technical expertise and management for immediate responses and high quality of service experience.

        • We have interconnection agreements with all major providers.
        • We can assess the right access and topology for your requirements.
        • You’ll be able to connect one or multiple locations using point-to-point, point-to-multi-point, or meshed configurations.


        Direct connections can achieve the low-latency and security needed today.


        Multiple paths from a single location to multiple locations.


        Interconnection delivers connectivity between a range of parties in close proximity to each other, creating digital ecosystem density.

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          Dedicated Business Internet

          Our Dedicated Business Internet solution is flexible, with defined upload and download options available. IPv6 is supported, and extended security and vulnerability enhancements (Secured Network Services) are included in all Internet-based offerings for greater protection.

          Features & Benefits:

          • Term discount
          • Multi-homed with multiple fiber optic backbone connections
          • National Transit and Peering relationships with major ISPs
          • Diverse Internet failover across multiple separate premium tier one providers – shortest route based
          • High-capacity 10Gbps network fabric


          • Synchronous
          • Asynchronous
          • Dedicated bandwidth increments starting at 2 Mbps
          • Dedicated Bandwidth increments with bursting capabilities (Using the 95th percentile, where by the top 5% of bursting traffic is automatically eliminated from the billable usage calculation.)

          Dedicated Connections

          More reliable, better performing and more robust than regular high-speed services.

          Secure, Reliable & Scalable Service

          No signal degradation over distances, and provides scalability should you need future speed upgrades.

          Unlimited Usage

          Enjoy fixed speeds with unlimited usage and no overage charges.

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            Secured Network Services

            A full set of self-serve security filters will minimize your network’s exposure to the vulnerabilities of the Internet.

            To ensure the integrity and security of your data, all services transitioning the Internet will have the following functionality included at no additional costs.

            Ease of control and implementation

            Point-and-click functional rule sets for ease of policy setting and adherence. Logically and securely connect between gateways and organizational resources using encrypted tunneling (VPNs).

            Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

            DHCP automates IP address assignment to virtual machines connected to organization virtual networks. You can configure and manage IP address ranges and lease parameters for each of the organization virtual networks connected to the enhanced networking services gateway.

            Network Address Translation (NAT)

            NAT modifies the source/destination IP addresses of packets arriving to and leaving from the enhanced networking services gateway.


            Rules can be added to the Firewall to allow or deny specific network traffic. The order of these rules can be changed by selecting one or more rules, dragging and dropping them at the desired location in the list.


            Routes allow traffic between networks.

            Virtual Private Networks

            IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN) service helps you create secure VPNs between gateways. Site-to-Site VPN can be configured between the enhanced networking services gateways, across organizations and even to third party VPN gateways.

            Load Balancing

            Virtual Servers – Highly scalable and available servers built on a cluster of real servers called members. The architecture of server cluster is fully transparent, and users interact with the cluster system as if it were only a single high-performance virtual server.

            Pools – A construct used to manage and share the backend member instances more flexibly and efficiently. A pool manages its backend members, health-check monitors and load balancer distribution method.

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              SIP Trunking

              SIP trunks allow for flexible and cost-effective scalability, as opposed to the traditional legacy PRI methodology of buying set fixed trunks.

              • Pay for what you need. SIP trunking provides the ability to immediately increase the number of individual voice sessions as needed, versus traditional PRI trunks, which require the installation of new hardware and provide additional voice circuits in increments of 23.
              • Opportunity to converge and optimize voice and data networks while reducing total cost of ownership as part of a technology refresh cycle.
              • Reduce or eliminate the costs of dedicated PRI connections and the support of legacy voice hardware at each site.
              • Eliminate the cost of supporting separate voice and data infrastructure, extending IP voice in the LAN over the WAN.
              • Reduce long distance fees associated with calls between offices connected by a data network.
              • Centralize and optimize the number of PBXs needed to manage inbound voice traffic.

              SIP trunking can improve overall productivity. It offers enhanced voice quality for a better call experience, enables advanced collaboration and telepresence conferencing applications, and simplifies the overall support, capacity management, and evolution of a consolidated voice and data network.

              Features & Benefits

              Inbound & local outbound calling
              Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers
              Domestic & International Long Distance
              Inbound Toll Free calling
              Emergency 911 calling
              411 & operator assisted dialing
              Caller ID name & number
              Business listing

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