From Closed Doors To Open Clouds

In a world of corporate espionage, patented genetics, and non-disclosure agreements, the ongoing trend of openness in the computing industry comes as a breath of fresh air.Open source software, freely available to everyone, forms the backbone of the Internet; your phone, whether it’s iOS or Android, runs on a largely open source operating system; and, over the last five years, the world of cloud computing has become overwhelmingly open as well.

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Why Helion Could Be The Game-Changer The Cloud Has Been Waiting For

In today’s business world, everyone expects more of everything. Customers demand tighter security, faster transactions, and enhanced customer service. Business owners want superior visibility, higher availability, and the agility to scale for massive growth at a moment’s notice.

At Server Cloud Canada, we’re seeing the move to the cloud as an enabler of game-changing benefits for everyone.

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