The way that commercial organizations manage the disclosure, use, and collection of personal information is a major concern among businesses and their customers as well as the public at large. Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is a set of laws that direct companies in this practice. This multi-part series will introduce Canadian businesses to the laws and guide them through the process of becoming compliant and applying them to their own organizations.
The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is Canada’s set of privacy laws that pertain to how commercial entities manage the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. This multi-part series equips Canadian businesses with the information they need to bring their organization into compliance with the laws. The first segment, Canadian Privacy Laws: PIPEDA and its core Principles in the Cloud, introduced readers to PIPEDA and discussed various concerns that businesses may face regarding the handling of personal information.
The internet has changed the way the world views just about everything, causing the legal system to endure intense scrutiny – particularly privacy laws. As lawmakers have scrambled to keep up with the explosive growth of this technology, an increasing number of Canadian businesses are relying on the internet for the majority of their organizational needs. As they become more and more data driven, they are capitalizing on cloud technology for storage and sharing of information. Many of those that have not yet moved to the cloud are beginning conversations to move in that direction.
The advent of cloud computing and the increase in transborder data flow, or the flow of data across national borders from the source country, has brought a rise in concerns about privacy. Data, while stored in another country, is subject to that country’s laws and regulations in regards to how data is managed, stored, and most importantly, how it is secured and kept private.
OscarService Inc. is pleased to announce our new partnership with Server Cloud Canada, one of Canada’s largest geo-redundant cloud infrastructure platforms. “As a large provider of EMR systems we expectedly work with substantial amounts of confidential medical data that needs to stay in Canada, so obviously security is a top concern for us. The SCC team was able to demonstrate their commitment to security at each and every layer. Our engineering team had stringent requirements that they diligently pursued and assessed when confirming the infrastructure for operational readiness. We at OscarService are excited and looking forward to growing with our new partner.”