Data has become the substance of modern business. Cloud-based infrastructure is the conduit that supports data enrichment, delivery and protection. With the new year quickly approaching, enterprises are preparing to immerse in an innovative digital redesign.

According to world leading research company, Gartner, the cloud market will gross an estimated $206 billion in 2019. This means that businesses are more pressured than ever before to adopt a cloud strategy.

Renouncing legacy systems is not always an easy decision for small business owners. However, cloud-based environments are looking more promising and can solve a lot of arduous issues that can afflict everyday operations. 2019 has many surprises in store for hosted cloud services. Here is a preview of the exciting and innovative trends that can improve efficiency.

Automated Security:

cloud trends - automated securityAutomation will continue to reduce the need for manual efforts in various realms of cloud computing. It will even seep into security.

Machine learning has improved rapidly over the course of 2018. It is expected to put an end to its reputation for yielding false positives – a reputation that has caused a lot of hesitancy. With increased accuracy, this technology will allow for real-time detection and mitigation of cyber crime.

We predict that machine learning will redefine how businesses protect themselves. Automated security can put a stop to threats before they unfold, therefore requiring less human intervention. IT departments will be able to focus on heftier tasks, knowing that fundamental security is being accurately monitored.

Backup & Data Recovery:

Backup and data recovery (DR) have previously been regarded as separate domains.

cloud trends - backup & drIn the event of a disaster, backups handle data protection and DR handles continuity. Now we are seeing that these two disciplines are harmoniously unifying. The success of continuous backup attests to the advantages of implementing this strategy.

“As a service” models are flourishing as companies seek to subcontract everything from hardware to software. This concept is changing the environments of in-house IT departments by permitting a substantial number of technologies to be distributed over networks. It is anticipated that Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will be a popular inclusion among these tools and products as we enter the new year.

Currently, disaster recovery is a costly and exhaustive in-house process. Backup and DR accumulate over 15% of the average cloud budget. DRaaS can be an effective solution, but only if it is paired with an expert Cloud Service Provider (CSP). The right CSP will operate a progressive bionetwork of fully managed applications that simplify functions.

Quantum Computing:

Have you heard the buzz around quantum computing? This computer technology is based on quantum theory and is set to solve some of the world’s most challenging questions. It is predicted that these supercomputers will be able to calculate enormous numbers in mere moments.  These results would take a conventional machine thousands of years to compute.

cloud trends - quantum computingQuantum computers could potentially teach us how to resolve world hunger, develop better medicine and reduce our impact on the environment. Quantum computing could improve cryptography – assuring business data is kept safer than ever before. It could examine big data to build better marketing strategies, rich consumer profiles and extraordinarily accurate weather forecasts. QC algorithms could help assist in risk management and supply chain optimization. From incomprehensible issues to simple adjustments, there will be a place for these supercomputers in modern business.

We are inching closer to harnessing this technology. A QC might not be available as a Christmas gift this year, but within a decade we may be seeing Google peddling these devices with as much fervency as today’s Google Home. Google, Microsoft and IBM are currently in a rat race to craft the very first machine to manipulate quantum phenomena to execute functions on data. However, they are not alone. Eager startups are in hot pursuit of the same goal and may just beat out one of the tech titans.

The first QC processor could be unveiled as early as 2019. Meanwhile, the market continues to soar. It is estimated to reach $1.9 billion in just four short years. Cloud services are a method of accessing this soon-to-be technology. When these two innovations are combined, the possibilities are truly incalculable.

Cloud computing services are becoming a logical implementation for small to midsize enterprises. They are easy to deploy, scalable and cost-effective. Knowing that a trusted cloud provider is working with their best interest in mind, business owners can confidently turn their attention to other pivotal areas of management. Having more time to concentrate on these areas can increase productivity and growth.

Cloud services are best complemented with appropriate security safeguards and backup solutions. No matter what advancements are expected to emerge, safety must always be at the forefront of cloud adoption and use.

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