Like many disruptive, evolving technologies, Cloud computing is going through a phase characterized by some real and many unfounded concerns. So how do you determine what’s really going to work for your organization?

Separating the myths from the facts of Cloud computing and the realities behind those myths can help you make more informed decisions about advancing your information infrastructure by utilizing the substantial benefits of the Cloud.
Canada is a recognized world leader in privacy legislation so whether your business is targeting the Canadian market or whether you are an international company targeting the US market; Canada is an ideal location for hosting business-critical applications.

Server Cloud Canada is proud to sponsor the 2014 Kingston Chamber of Commerce political breakfast.

Join us for a focused outline on the political landscape for 2014. Hear from Mayor, Mark Gerretsen, and federal MP, Ted Hsu, as they look ahead to Kingston's economic highway and how they see their levels of government contributing to the development of the city.
Bill Hughes of Weehooey Inc. will be sworn in as the 2014 Chamber Chair at this event.