You don’t know what’s happening in a cloud that isn’t your own. Gain full control over your sensitive company data.

What is private sync and file sharing?

It’s a private, secure alternative to the existing public file-sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. It allows an organization to create a privately-branded environment where its employees can safely store, share and retrieve documents. It will allow you to create a central repository with full management capabilities to ensure policies and security adherences are met and controlled.

How will private sync and file sharing save time and/or money?

In addition to greater efficiencies in capacity management and security, a central repository will allow for immediate retrieval and broadcasts of information, enabling an organization to effectively respond, service and support those functional areas on the front line of revenue generation.

Why choose the SCC Private Sync & File Sharing solution?

All your data will be kept in Canada. Meaning, your data will be subject to strict Canadian privacy laws. SCC will work with your organization to ensure that your deployment has the right functionality to adhere to your organizational policies. Allow for full tracking and monitoring for future auditing and analysis.

Features & Benefits

Private Sync & File Sharing enables organizations to protect and manage every element associated with their Dedicated Cloud File Sharing Platform – from file storage to user provisioning and data processing.

  • Gives you full control over sensitive corporate data.
  • Monitors every activity that occurs, and logs these activities into a file for later auditing and analysis.
  • Scalability – add additional storage on-demand and set retention policies as required.
  • Universal file access; sync across stationary and mobile devices.
  • Copies of files are stored locally as well as in our secure datacentre
  • Data security – encryption on-device as well as in-transit. Private encryption key management – your encryption key is exclusive to your business and documents, and not shared with anyone. Eliminate the worry of vulnerabilities and data loss associated with public cloud products.
  • Remote wipes of endpoints and mobile devices. Management will have full control over remote wipes of desktops for clients, former employees and rogue employees.
  • Full control of user access and security controls. Set policies for individuals within your company, including which employees can share files, can delete files and revisions, access certain files, and what types of files they can upload.
  • Revised file and folder backups. Stores file revisions which allow your employees to collaborate without worry
  • Backup entire folders and the files within them.

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