Why pay for power, air conditioning and floor space when all you require resides in a server?

We offer a variety of enterprise-level virtual datacentre infrastructure solutions including: Pre-configured Operating SystemsPrivate Sync & File SharingEnterprise Device Backup, and OpenStack Storage.

What is enterprise virtual datacentre infrastructure?

Enterprise virtual datacentre infrastructure is a scalable and secure, high performance, solution that partitions enterprise grade hardware into a virtual infrastruture. Each dedicated virtual datacentre infrastructure includes a reserved and protected amount of central processing units (CPU’s) and random-access memory (RAM) resources. Allowing for ease of ubiquitous access using a self managing portal that will enable both capital and operational costs.

virtual datacentre infrastructure

How will a virtual datacentre infrastructure save time and/or money?

First of all, you will not have the usual costs and resource requirements associated with traditional physical datacentre deployments. At the Enterprise level, imagine changing capital expenditures to Operational expenditures.

Deployment times cut from days to minutes

No need for rack and space coordination or the costs of a deploying resources to a remote datacenter in order to stage, configure, add, remover or upgrade servers.

Elimination of hardware and related maintenance costs – No Infrastructure investments

No need for a physical server environment or related maintenance agreements, load balancing configurations to ensure space efficiencies, physical memory upgrades etc…

Power and Rack space

No more monthly recurring fixed or bursting power charges or pay for Rackspace that you may or may not be using, justified to you as a means of scaling for the future (of course at a pre-defined charge prior to that growth)

Resource downtime to physically drive to the remote datacenter for server upgrades or additions

No need to have one of your team take the better part of their day(s) to physically fight traffic, gain access and conduct the work on a physical environment.

Direct Access

Lines of business will have access to hosting and storage directly through your corporate IT.

Predictable Expenses

You’ll have predictable expenses and lower TCO (when including upkeep, IT salaries, time spent by senior management on planning, building and managing a datacentre, etc.).


More efficient implementation and management; eliminate the need for legacy tool specialists; streamline processes; there will be no swivel-chair integration; you’ll experience reduced migration and fewer upgrade issues.

Improve your IT performance.

  • 80% reduction in network switch, card and cable costs.
  • 60% reduction in power requirements.
  • 98% reduction in the time required to move, add, or change server blades (from 2 hours to 2 minutes)

Why choose the SCC Enterprise Virtual Datacentre Infrastructure solution?

SCC offers the largest deployment of the HP Matrix gear in Canada, and SCC customers can create and manage environments remotely.

If you have any questions about our Enterprise Virtual Datacentre Infrastructure solution that’s tailored to your needs, contact us!