Intelligent Solutions for Every Industry

Our experience with creating turnkey solutions makes us experts in the art of fulfilling your industry’s needs. We have a long and proven track record in fields with complex requirements like government, healthcare, education and legal.

Health Care


The demand for electronic information exchange from one healthcare professional to another is growing. Healthcare organizations need a secure way to connect to the cloud and exchange data while safeguarding the security and confidentiality of patient and hospital data. Server Cloud Canada’s 100% Canadian private cloud solution allows healthcare providers to stay compliant with all federal and provincial privacy regulations, and improves the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery.



Public sector organizations and agencies from the federal, provincial, and municipal level use Server Cloud Canada’s 9 fully redundant datacentres to stay within the guidelines of Canada’s IT & cloud strategies. Policy and strict guidelines for keeping the data in Canada are met by using SCC’s secure 100% Canadian infrastructure.



Top-tier IT providers leverage Server Cloud Canada’s enterprise level infrastructure to provide their clients with unmatched services. Cloud based services including a reliable disaster recovery plan are offered in a flexible, scalable, and secure environment.

Small & Medium Size Business


Small businesses are following suit with advances in technology by utilizing Server Cloud Canada’s scalable and flexible cloud environment. As a company grows, so does their IT needs and demands. This along with a private and secure disaster recovery plan, small businesses have the tools they need to stay secure, on budget, and attain optimal efficiency.



Educational institutions and organizations leverage Server Cloud Canada’s infrastructure capabilities and expertise to respond to the increased demands from both students and faculty, at the same time coping with declining budgets and staff. SCC’s secure private cloud solutions have become an increasingly attractive option for delivering educational services in a secure, reliable, and economic way.

Accounting & Financial


Financial service providers and accounting firms are responsible for large amounts of sensitive financial data. These organizations keep their clients confident with Server Cloud Canada’s enhanced security, at the same time SCC offers them the scalability they require to accommodate growth.



Insurance companies are seeing a need to optimize their processes through direct and indirect chanels, Server Cloud Canada allows these firms to unify data, applications and expertise to deliver personalized service to their customers, and remain competitive, and safeguard privacy and security.



Law firms from small to large need to protect their clients data and files. Server Cloud Canada’s industry leading security and scalable solutions increase a firms mobility, efficiency, flexibility, security, and cost savings. From hosting legal software to file sharing solutions, the legal world depends on SCC’s secure Canadian infrastructure.