Archdiocese of Toronto

Partner Order Form


1. Fill out the attached order form
Simply fill out the information required in the form below including the code provided. Your information will be sent to the Archdiocese of Toronto for verification.

2. Receive your start-up package
Once your own customized backup portal has been set up, you will receive information on how download the backup software (agents) for each computer, server, or mobile device. You will also receive instructions on how to login to the portal, customize your backup schedule and set up automated reports.

3. Start backing up your important data right away
Now that you have set up your organizations online backup portal, your data will start to backup automatically according to the schedules you set for each computer or device.

4. Restoring a backup
Restoring data from a backup is made easy and is accomplished through the same portal. Just login and choose the backup you want to restore as well the computer or device you want to restore it to.

5. Generating Reports
Keep track of what data has been backed up or restored and when. See the size of your backup storage and be alerted when you might require more, or in the case that a backup has not completed properly. All from the same portal.

6. Billing
Billing is simple. You will be sent a monthly bill based on the amount of storage that you require.

7. Support
We are here to help! If you need help with anything from installing the backup agents, setting up your backup schedule, creating reports, to restoring in the case of disaster you can contact the Archdiocese of Toronto, and if needed you will be put in touch with one of Server Cloud Canada’s backup experts.


    I agree to be billed monthly for the storage space requested above (per GB) required for my backups by The Archdiocese of Toronto. Any additional storage space required will be requested directly to The Archdiocese of Toronto and billed accordingly next month.