Simplify and accelerate data, voice and video over one seamless, dedicated and secure connection.

What is private WAN interconnectivity?

Private WAN Interconnectivity is the consolidation of data, voice and video onto a single bandwidth pipe that allows organizations to connect multiple sites together as one optimized and secure network. This allows for private and secure transfer of data between sites and/or service providers.

How will private WAN interconnectivity save time and/or money?

The ability to consolidate voice, data and video onto one connection will save on existing, multiple infrastructure costs. And most companies pay for phone lines and Internet/data separately – a single point of contact will reduce operational resources, because you won’t have to deal with separate companies.

Why choose the SCC Private WAN Interconnectivity solution?

No more having to deal with big carriers, poor customer service, lengthy lead times and lack of product depth for customization. SCC is the underlying infrastructure service provider, and we ensure that the last mile of interconnectivity is optimized for our service offering. We’ll provide you with access to your private network via fibre, cable, and/or wireless, from almost anywhere.

  • One point of support, billing and technical expertise and management for immediate responses and high quality of service experience.
  • We have interconnection agreements with all major providers.
  • We can assess the right access and topology for your requirements.
  • You’ll be able to connect one or multiple locations using point-to-point, point-to-multi-point, or meshed configurations.

Contact us to discuss a Private WAN Interconnectivity solution that’s tailored to your needs.